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Designed for GxP regulated industries

Accurate vision, Faster decision, Efficient operation


Designed for GxP regulated environments

Manage your assets and equipment with ease and improve the efficiency of your team, while staying compliant and  meeting data integrity standards

ALLEYE™ is the only CMMS software specifically designed for pharmaceutical industries, by the industry experts to manage equipment inventory, qualification activities and tasks in a GxP laboratory or production area, complying with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and to the ALCOA+ principles.​

The software also provides customizable reports and planning tools to efficiently manage the workload and capacity of your team.

Compliance with minimum Configurations

ALLEYE provides all the necessary functionalities to comply with FDA21CFR Part11 requirements

✓ Unique user accounts for login.

✓ Configurable Role-based Access and Rights.

✓ Full version Audit trail on all records.

✓ Configurable Electronic Signatures and comments.

✓ Two-level task approval cycle.

✓ Session Lock-out, with configurable Lock-Out time.

✓ Secured and centralized Date and Timestamps, supporting Time zone differences.


Real-Time KPI

Efficiently manage your equipment and assets

Access to your equipment, assets and team performance key indicators, anytime, and anywhere.

Make timely and informed decisions based on real-time data.

No more requests and waiting for feedbacks and reports, you are only one click away from accurate

  • Equipment status

  • Qualification, PM and Adhock work orders status

  • Downtimes

  • Backlog trends

  • Team capacity and workload

and many more

Increased efficiency with mobile technology

Efficiently plan, execute and communicate your tasks from anywhere using your mobile device

A single solid communication channel 

No more phone calls, post-its, or small talks to ask for support.

Get notified immediately of any support request

No more back and forth to your desk to verify your priorities and plan

No more updating your schedules, Excel sheets or calendars

Use activated voice technology to document your notes and comments


Easy interfacing with other applications

Benefit the full Application Interface functionalities, to easily interface and integrate ALLEYE CMMS with other applications

Establish secure bidirectional communication between ALLEYE CMMS and other main applications like SAP, LIMS and QMS, while maintaining full traceability.

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